Monday, August 25, 2014

The Art of Noriyoshi Ohrai

Noriyoshi Ohrai is a Japanese artist who has worked as an illustrator for over 50 years, creating amazing posters for movies and covers for Manga.

A self-portrait
Unlike most artists I've featured on here, I can't find much information on Mr. Ohrai.  All for the better I suppose, we'll just let his work speak for itself.

I have no idea what any of these illustrations are for so far, but they are certainly trippy and striking!

Of course I was delighted to find that Ohrai has painted great Godzilla poster illustrations, including some of my favorite posters from the Heisei series.

I was also thrilled to discover that Ohrai has produced some excellent Star Wars artwork as well!  

My wife will be happy to know that Ohrai was also responsible for a Goonies poster.

You can find some additional information about the artist here.  

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  1. Would a bigger image of the original oil painting in #18 be of service to the collecting community... I know its a rare painting but the original is still alive and kicking.