Saturday, October 24, 2015

"I'm in Love with Dracula's Daugther"

As I was looking for some monster-themed surf rock music for this year's Halloween display (and, honestly, year-round enjoyment) I stumbled on this surprisingly catchy tune by a guy called Screaming Lord Sutch!

It turns out Sutch had an interesting life story, including rock n' roll, dressing up as Jack the Ripper,  and *shudder* politics.

Screaming Lord Sutch!
I'm not sure if the song is inspired by the Universal film, "Dracula's Daughter" or not, but I couldn't resist sharing some brilliant poster artwork for that movie as a header.  "Dracula's Daughter" is an interesting film for a number of reasons, but I'll save that story for another post I think...

In the meantime, enjoy the song...  It'll be stuck in your head for days!

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