Friday, October 2, 2015

Pepsi Party Monsters!

Back in the early 90's Pepsi (and Doritos's) teamed up with the Universal Monsters brand to do a series of Halloween promotions.  One of my favorite products of this unholy union was the "Pepsi Party Monsters" from '92.  As you can see, the results were gloriously unadulterated cheesy fun!

The artwork seen in this post graced the backside of twelve packs.  I remember tracking down relatives that drank the various Pepsi products so I could collect all of the artwork and hang it up in my room.  I also remember being so disappointed the year they stopped producing these!

As seen above, Frankenstein's Monster celebrated the occasion by shooting some pool.  I never noticed the Wolfman's high-top sneakers until this post.

The Bride of Frankenstein hosted a frat-house toga party.  I remember her headdress on this one always bothered me as it looked a bit too Egyptian...  That's the Mummy's schtick!

 Dracula opted for a classy disco.  Growing up, I always wanted a pair of Drac's sunglasses.

The Mummy went for a hard rock concert.  I love the details for some of the instruments on this one:  Creech is back there rocking out a fish guitar while the Mummy's Egyptian-styled bass guitar is resting in a sarcophagus case.

Inexplicably, the Wolfman threw a luau.  Notice: Frankie's got mad limbo skills!

Finally, the Creature from the Black Lagoon invited everyone to back to his bachelor-pad cave for a conga line while he sucks down some Mountain Dew.

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