Friday, April 24, 2020

Back from the Dead... Again.

The image from Creepshow might seem familiar...  Obviously if you've ever seen the movie, but I've actually used it before in a post acknowledging a hiatus from the blog.

What can I say?  Life has gotten very busy!

My daughter is now five years old.  Work is demanding as ever.  I'm attempting to get back into shape.

Still, my thoughts have been returning to the Cryptic Corridor here lately and - despite this being my longest absence to date - I thought I might trying giving it another shot... Especially with so little to do during a world-wide pandemic and the corresponding quarantine with no end in sight. 

You may notice that some of my previous posts have been deleted.  I wasn't happy with them, as they were hastily posted when things were starting to get a bit overwhelming years back.  Though my schedule is no less demanding I'm going to try to resume making posts, though I doubt I will ever be as active as I was when I started out.

What should you expect in the near future?

Well, I've got a huge backlog of stuff that's just been sitting on my hard-drive...  I've gotten into making fractal art, simple animation effects, and I'm still doing the amateur photography thing.

I'd also like to eventually share a few pictures and some video from the Halloween display, which has only gotten bigger each year during my time away from the blog.

I plan on starting a series of posts called "Overdue Reviews" which will focus on movies, music, TV, and other stuff I've been meaning to review even before the dry spell.

Of course, there's the normal stuff...  Awesome art I come across randomly, waxing philosophical on monsters, and scans from old horror comics.

Well...  Time to dust off some cobwebs and give it another go.  The Cryptic Corridor is open once more!

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