Sunday, October 12, 2014

Zombie Walk

My hometown hosted their 4th annual zombie walk event last night.  Despite the rain and cold, I couldn't resist the urge to participate! *

Every time I get involved with a zombie walk I am surprised by the amount of people that turn out to dress up like the undead.  It's so weird considering that just 15 years ago something like this would have been considered disturbing and taboo to most (You like ZOMBIES?!?  There must be something WRONG with you!!!).

Today, zombie walks are apparently considered "fun for the whole family" with everyone from toddlers to little old ladies participating!  You wouldn't believe the number of children that are totally unafraid to approach you when you're dressed as a monster.  I had so many kids wanting to have their picture taken with me, I might as well have been wearing a fat suit and a big white beard!

* Yes, that's me in the picture...  Zombie walks are especially convenient for me seeing that no special preparations are required.  I need only show up!

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