Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Creaking Door - "Three Wishes"

I have flown. I have sailed.  I have moved about this world of ours and ever in search of the finest of its kind.  We bring you the tops in spine chillers...  The Creaking Door!

Good evening, friends of the Creaking Door.  The Creaking Door is now...  Open.

So began each episode of the radio series as the sinister-sounding host bade the listeners welcome, all while the titular door ominously creaked open...

My grandma has often reminisced about gathering with her brothers and sisters around the radio and cringing at the sound of that door.  She claims it was the cause of many sleepless nights and yet, she couldn't resist the thrills and chills of listening just a little bit longer.

(This is not a picture of my grandma... Although it could be!)
The Creaking Door was yet another great radio drama from the 1950's that ran up through the 60's.  Much like The Sealed BookThe Creaking Door's episodes primarily consisted of tales of suspense, mystery, and the supernatural.  The Creaking Door began as Inner Sanctum, but after switching studios the name had to be changed even though the show remained very much the same, having the same writers and producer.

Enjoy this episode which is entitled "Three Wishes".

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